Heated Tile Floors Edmonton

Want toasty warm feet when you leave the shower? You can have heated tiling in your bathroom floor or install in your entire house. You can add an electric mat to increase your bath’s existing heating system. With a thermostat, you won’t have to wait 45-minutes to warm up the system. A thermostat can be put into only a bathroom with heated floors, or the floors in your entire home to group and ungroup them as you desire and put in vacation mode.

We are the NUHEAT® Contractor in Edmonton, and NUHEAT® is the leading manufacturer in Canada for heated floors. NUHEAT® heating mats are easy to install under tile, stone, and wood flooring. Tiling can be done after the NUHEAT® mat is thinsetted to the subfloor for immediate tile heating. We can install electric, or a hydronic system using circulating water, in wet places such as showers, saunas, and steam rooms in homes or commercial buildings. Mildew growth is unlikely with heated areas that dry out quickly. As a heated tiling contractor, we are certified PRO installers to put in your NUHEAT® system and when we install the heating wires, you get a 25-year Total Care Warranty for installations on all nVent NUHEAT® floor heating products to cover product defects along with a 3-year Warranty on all nVent NUHEAT® thermostats. This includes the same coverage of the NUHEAT® 25-year product Warranty in addition to repair or replacement of an underfloor heating system, floor covering, and installation costs.

Call us today for your heated tile floors for years of warmth to your feet. 780-710-9655