Shower Systems Installation Edmonton

Your home is probably the biggest investment you will ever have. Prices keep increasing and keeping your home up-to-date making improvements is a necessity for your investment.

We are shower installation contractors Edmonton and use the stylish look of the Wedi® Shower Systems of Germany. The Wedi® tile underlayment membrane systems are supreme.

The Schluter®-Shower System is a highly recommended brand for remodeling or a new installation as well. We are certified wedi® and Schluter® dealers and installers. For bigger, brighter, and more convenient bathrooms, we are your expert bathroom renovation contractor Edmonton.

As the leading shower waterproofing contractor Edmonton, we also use tile underlayment membrane systems for walls and subfloors. We will custom design to match your existing bathroom or revitalize your current décor. Our shower systems offer a wide range of options to customize a walk-in shower or washroom construction. If you have in mind a shower with bathtub, standalone shower and separate bathtub, steam shower, vanity, countertop, tile on the walls and floor, tiled tub decks and floors, contact us. We use silicone for corners, joints, shower waterproofing, and anywhere water can seep in to prevent mold. We provide a water proofing membrane over solid backing for showers, bathtub surrounds, and steam showers for bathroom appliances to be watertight and waterproof. We use either the Wedi® Shower Systems installation or the Schluter®-Shower System installation and you will not be disappointed with the final installation when you select the system that best fits your needs and budget.


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